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Terms and conditions

MST SOLUTIONS OY FI26486774 (emarket.fi) sells products to private persons and corporates in Finland. We reserve all rights to change the terms and conditions, and the prices. All prices include the VAT.

Contact us

E-mail: emarket.finland@gmail.com
Telephone: +358 44 555 4343
Address: Pitkäkatu 42, 65100 Vaasa, Finland

      We always target the same day shipment for the orders received before 13:00 (On holidays Posti might not provide service. Therefore, the orders will be processed on next working business day.)

* We do not ship orders on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and we find it risky to send Fresh goods on Thursdays. 

* Deliveries to main cities generally takes 1 business day that you receive items on following day. 

* We choose the best quality on fresh and frozen items as we do on dry items; however, receiver has full responsibility on the quality of the goods received. Therefore, when the goods arrive to the pick up location it is very crucial to pick up the goods fast. As it is indicated previously, it is advised to place orders on Mondays, Tueasdays or Wednesdays if you order fresh and/or frozen items along. So that you can make sure that you receive the goods before the weekend. 

* Our webshop is at a trial/development phase and the payment method is disabled. Therefore, after you place an order kindly contact us on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp (If you do not use both Facebook or Whatsapp then you may send email to confirm your order.)

* Some items' pictures are not yet loaded. The items without a picture seems that they are loading the picture. This does not mean that the website is slow. The only reason is that the item does not have a picture. 

Ordering Process;

* Register on our webshop; www.emarket.fi and add items to your cart(basket).

* You may search items by typing a key word on webshop's search engine or select items in categories. If you are looking for items from a specific country then you may click on the name of the country from the top bar.

* Our products range is over 6000 items and some of them might be out of stock. Therefore, when you go through categories you may select "items in Stock" (on the left top side) option to see available items. 

* Once you are done shopping, click on basket icon to proceed to payment. 

* Confirm terms and conditions and followingly click on CONFIRM BASKET button.

* On following page, create a delivery address and choose the address you created from the list. Also choose pay on delivery and click on CONFIRM DELIVERY button. 

* As our webshop is in trial phase we have deactivated the payment. On this page you will just click on "Order Confirm" button. 

* After you place an order kindly contact us on Facebook messenger or Whatsapp (If you do not use both Facebook or Whatsapp then you may send email to confirm your order.) After we receive your confirmation message or email we will reply you as we start the process of your order and subsequently we will send you an invoice. On the invoice we will calculate the delivery cost and add it to your invoice.

Delivery cost is calculated as below;

Delivery cost = Basic payment (5,90€) + 0,30€ x Package weight. For example, considering that the package weight is 10KG. Then the delivery cost is: 5,90€ + 0,30€ x 10 = 8,90€

As you receive the invoice you will make the payment and send us a screenshot of the payment by email, Whatsapp (044 555 4343) or Facebook messenger. 

At the final stage, we will send you the tracking number from the postal service.