About us


Imagine an Ethnic food market providing a very wide range of Asian, African and Mediterranean food products (Over 4000 different product variety) under the same roof. Our founder/CEO has widely focused on providing wide variety of products with convenient pricing and build a customer friendly service that gained us to have our customers’ trust in us. We highly value our customers, we see our customers as our friends and this drives us to be generous in exporting new items continuously to provide more taste from home and new experiences for the locals.

Elo Market has started its operations by late 2016 in a 70m2 shopping area. From the first year Elo Market has received a great attention and accordingly kept growing during the years. By 2020, Elo market has reached over 400m2 shopping area supported with 200m2 storage areas. By 2021 we aim to reach over 600m2 shopping area to provide a seamless shopping experience among the ethnic food markets in Finland.

One crucial subject that we are very sensitive about is expired items. We track the best before and expiry dates of our products and we take them away once their shelf time is ended. We prefer to lose money than losing the trust of our customers.

We know that there is not any ethnic food market around Finland that is able to provide a wide range of ethnic food items and in some cities there are not even any ethnic food markets. Therefore, we have decided to build a powerful web shop that could connect us with you anywhere in Finland. Currently our web shop is at a trial phase; however, we do take orders and process the orders in the same business day. We are aiming to be completely done with our webshop before the mid of 2021.   

We believe that our values have brought us to this point where we are now and they will lead us the best in the future.

Welcome, we are very excited to meet you!

Kind Regards,
Elo Market